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Northern Improvement Company

Our Company History

Northern Improvement Company, one of the area’s largest construction firms, was incorporated in 1935 as a successor to McCormick Dray Line, McCormick Transfer, and McCormick Construction Company. 

Making History

Mile a day paving: In 1959 Northern Improvement became one of the first contractors in the nation to complete one mile of concrete paving in one day, the job was on I-94 near Tappen, ND.





Rural Water Lines

Northern’s system developed in 1971 allows pipe to be plowed at a depth of 7 or more feet.




Uninterrupted Service

While remodeling a 230 KV line to 345 KV capacity in 1980, Northern Improvement Company added ten feet to each of the 1300 towers to accommodate three additional cables without interrupting service.





An innovation pioneered by Northern Improvement is the use of continuous flow drum-dryer in asphalt paving operations.